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Utility & Solution

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Reduced Trading FEEs

Holders of $TNNSPROX token will receive discounts on trading fees. 

Exclusive Access

Ownership of $TNNSPROX tokens offers entry into a world of select events, providing opportunities for members to immerse themselves in the brand culture and connect with like-minded individuals globally.

Member Rewards

The token is a vehicle for rewarding engagement, allowing members to accrue benefits proportionate to their participation within the ecosystem.

Purchase of AI software

Token holders of $TNNSPROX will enjoy exclusive discounts on The MVP is currently accessible for viewing, and we are in the final stages of enhancing the platform to enable users to create images, videos, animations, pupil tracking, avatars, and voice-overs, all with the assistance of AI technology.
Access to our future platforms
We are excited to announce that in the near future, $TNNSPROX token holders will have access to upcoming platforms such as online betting, poker rooms, and online casinos. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments!

Helping projects list & launch

By holding $TNNSPROX, you will not only unlock these advantages but also contribute to addressing the challenge of exorbitant listing fees for projects. Our innovative approach allows projects to list for a monthly fee, with the support of a market maker who can significantly reduce the monthly cost to just $1000. Through this model, holders of $TNNSPROX not only reap the benefits but also play a vital role in supporting the web3 community. Projects can allocate more resources to development without the financial burden of listing and launching on an exchange.

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