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Download a digital wallet for TNNS tokens

Step 1.

TNNS are classed as (Bep-20) tokens

To store TNNS tokens which are made on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

First, download the trust wallet from Google Store or Apple App Store.

Appleapp store.png
How to receive TNNS tokens

Step 2.

If you click on the "Create a wallet". You will then need to Click on Smart Chain 

Click on receive.


You can send that QR code to your friend or club to transfer TNNS tokens to you. 

How to send TNNS tokens

Step 3.

If you click on the "wallet". You will then see a send and receive button.

Click on send and then on the bottom, click on TNNS.


Ask your friend for their QR code to their trust wallet.

Scan your friend's QR code and enter the amount of TNNS you want to send.

Last Step

Step 4.

To send TNNS tokens you will need to have a small amount of BNB which you can buy direct from the APP.
Each transaction will cost around USD$0.010-0.38 cent.


Final Note

Whenever you play against your friends make sure you use the tokens for swapping with the winner. It makes playing so much more fun.


Below is a short video to tell you more.




NFTs are new digital art or digital collectables

NFTs are registered on the Blockchain. Therefore once you have purchased them, you will be the sole owner of that digital card or digital art.

Why NFTs ?

The best thing about NFTs is that because they are on a blockchain no-one can steal the digital art or digital collectable without the owner's permission from the blockchain.

Coming soon examples of digital Collectables

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