NFT Marketplace

The Fresh New Platform to Advertise & Mint NFTs

We are assembling a community of creators and supporters who want to establish and grow an innovative economy via the Blockchain.


Next level NFT Marketplace

We aim to provide consumers access to cryptocurrency-based NFT services, allowing them to exchange, or ‘swap’, various digital assets. 

TNNS NFT Marketplace is building a place where artists, producers and creators come together to offer a new medium to buy and sell their creations to passionate collectors.


Invite your favourite creators to join our network and start sharing their work and growing their fanbase.


The place to start or continue collecting NFTs and collectibles. Professional and novice collectors are  all welcome!


We are developing VR metaverse world where you will be able to bring your favourite avatar with you.

Limited editions famous stars in sport, music and movies will be available soon.


We say ‘community’ and we mean it, we are producing

e-sports experience with TNNS avatars